And then there were 10!

CMA Press Release 

Over the past 40 years, the College Media Association has honored nine faculty members throughout the nation with the Distinguished 2-Year Magazine Adviser Award.

On October 27th, Dr. Richard Gaspar became the 10th recipient of the award. He joins Nancy White as HCC’s second recipient, and HCC is the only college in the nation to have two faculty members receive the award. He is also the only recipient of the award in the last 20 years.

Dr. Richard Gaspar advises the Triad and Galeria magazines at Hillsborough Community College. He also advises the Hawkeye student newspaper.

He taught at the middle school and high school level before beginning his teaching and advising career at Hillsborough Community College. Gaspar has an impressive background in education at all levels and in diverse activities such as drama and technology.

One of his colleagues at HCC writes, “As a professor and adviser, Rick has proved his leadership skills time and again…He does so with ease, confidence, and dedication to excellence. Above all, he is an educator who is a CMA role model…Dozens of his students have gone on to universities, colleges and jobs as a result of his professional, ethical and responsible advising.”

A student writes, “Dr. Gaspar is unique in his dedication to the production of quality publications, and moreover in his devotion to the success of his students. His selflessness and continual encouragement has become a lifeline to many who truly want to succeed in their college experience and in their careers. As a student returning to college after nearly 30 years, I am most grateful to have a professor who truly cares and takes the time to ensure my success.”

Another student writes, “His devotion to his profession, to his students, to the Hawkeye staff and to the Hawk Media Club consistently displays his total commitment to all of us. He has a way of making each student feel important and is always cognizant of our individual professional development.”

In his statement of advising philosophy, Dr. Gaspar writes, “I consider my advising opportunities a privilege. I also enjoy the additional opportunities it provides me to do what I enjoy most: teach…Most of all, my experiences as a student and as a teacher have shaped me into a person who as an adviser is “above all, a role model.” I seek to advise my student and teach them a strong sense of ethics, a sound understanding of professional behavior, and above all, teach them the profound effect that advice can have on a person and his career.”

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